Imperial Interstellar Scout Service, Impossible Mission Force

This is the home page for my Traveller (T20) campaign. The Campaign Is played starting at 7PM EST and generally runs for about 3 hours.

The Campaign is based on the the adventures of a loose knit group that has been seconded for special missions, generally at the behest of the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service during the Solomani RImwar in the Gateway Domain.

There are currently 3 positions available for new players.

If you want to play then please email me at for specifics.

Important rule changes for this T20 Traveller Universe.
There is no Gunnery Skill.
Shipboard Weapons are limited to a Crit Multiple of x4.
There is no +5 Crit Modifier for a Spinal Weapon.
Spinals do damage based on UPP Code Not a flat 16 dice.
Freight and Passengers pay per Parsec, not per Jump.
Locals use brokers to buy and sell cargo.
Current Crew is described here.

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Current Mission Log.